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Asia Wild Animals Game Box





Introducing Metatoys' latest addition to their magnetic wooden puzzle series: Continents & Wild Animals.


Each metal box features a double-sided info poster showcasing animals from a specific continent alongside a world map for geographical reference. Inside, discover 6 wooden magnetic puzzles, each depicting a unique animal with 11 pieces. Kids can explore geography while honing motor skills by arranging these puzzles on the metal surface. Plus, 6 game cards offer clues for interactive play, fostering learning and fun!

Asia Wild Animals Series Orangutan

Metal Box Contents (1):

6 Wild Animal Magnetic Wooden Puzzles

Metal Game Box of Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Asia Orangutan


Jungle Royalty: The Orangutan Puzzle

Swing through the lush rainforests of Asia with our Orangutan puzzle. Feel the gentle strength of this arboreal ape as you assemble each piece, capturing its peaceful demeanor. From the treetops to the forest floor, follow the Orangutan's journey through its natural habitat and learn about its vital role in the ecosystem. Let the spirit of the jungle inspire you as you solve this captivating puzzle.

Metal Game Box of Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Asia Snow Leopard


Fierce Majesty: The Siberian Tiger Puzzle

Roar into action with our Siberian Tiger puzzle. Experience the raw power and beauty of this apex predator as you assemble its striking form. From the icy landscapes of Russia to the dense forests of Asia, follow the Siberian Tiger's trail as it commands respect in its domain. Unravel the mysteries of this magnificent feline and uncover the challenges it faces in the wild.

MAgnetic Wooden Puzzle of Snow Leopard


Stealthy Guardian: The Snow Leopard Puzzle

Step into the realm of the mountains with our Snow Leopard puzzle. Marvel at the elusive grace of this solitary hunter as you piece together its form. Each puzzle piece is a glimpse into the snowy landscapes where the Snow Leopard reigns supreme, blending seamlessly into its surroundings. Join us on an adventure to discover the secrets of this enigmatic predator.

Metal Game Box of Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Asia Caracal


Graceful Hunter: The Caracal Puzzle

Embark on a hunt with our Caracal puzzle. Witness the agile grace of this elusive feline as you piece together its sleek form. From the rocky outcrops to the grassy plains, follow the Caracal's stealthy pursuits in search of prey. Let the spirit of the wild guide you as you solve this captivating puzzle and learn about the unique adaptations of this magnificent hunter.

Metal Game Box of Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Asia Panda


Bamboo Beauty: The Panda Puzzle

Enter the bamboo forests of China with our Panda puzzle. Admire the endearing charm of this beloved bear as you piece together its iconic black and white markings. Each puzzle piece tells a story of resilience and conservation, highlighting the efforts to protect this cherished species. Join us in celebrating the Panda's playful spirit and its importance in preserving Asia's rich biodiversity.

Metal Game Box of Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Asia Camel


Desert Nomad: The Camel Puzzle

Journey across the arid deserts of Asia with our Camel puzzle. Feel the timeless endurance of this desert dweller as you piece together its resilient silhouette. Each puzzle piece is a testament to the Camel's adaptability and importance to human civilization throughout history. Discover the secrets of survival in harsh environments and appreciate the Camel's role as a symbol of resilience.

Metal Box Contents (2):

Wildlife Exploration: Illustrated Poster Featuring Animals and World Map

Explore the marvels of the wild with our captivating "Discover the Wild" Asia, an indispensable addition to your wildlife expedition! On one side, delve into the captivating realm of six iconic Asian animals, where their common names, family details, dietary preferences, dimensions, weights, and more are vividly depicted and emphasized. This immersive showcase not only ignites curiosity but also serves as an educational resource, imparting valuable insights into the rich biodiversity of the Asian continent. Flip to the reverse side, and behold a vibrant map of Asia adorned with key landmarks and features, offering a geographical backdrop for your exploration. Whether adorning classrooms play areas, or any space brimming with adventure, our Asia Adventure Poster guarantees boundless discovery and thrill for budding young adventurers.

Wild Asia Map İllustrated Poster
Wild Asia Animals İllustrated Poster

Metal Box Contents (3):

Creature Clue Cards: Guess the Animal Challenge

Wild Animals Asia Game Cards

Wilderness Expedition Clue Cards

Embark on an exhilarating wilderness expedition with our Wilderness Expedition Clue Cards! Crafted to captivate and intrigue, these cards offer an entertaining guessing game suitable for educators, guardians, and children. Each card presents a series of clever hints about the diverse wildlife of Asia, challenging participants to identify the animal without explicitly stating its name. From spotlighting distinctive traits to illuminating peculiar behaviors, these clues ignite curiosity and foster critical thinking abilities. Whether traversing the mountains or navigating the forests, these clue cards guarantee boundless amusement and educational enrichment. Prepare to unleash your inner adventurer and uncover the marvels of the wild with our Wilderness Expedition Clue Cards!

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EN71-3 SAFE Metatoys

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